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Digital Showcase Policy

About Digital Showcase

Digital Showcase is the online institutional repository for the collected research, scholarship and creative works of the University of Lynchburg's students and employees. These collections are organized and made accessible by the Knight-Capron Library and demonstrate Lynchburg's pride and commitment to the preservation, organization, dissemination of these works.

Guiding Values: 

  • Increasing the impact of local knowledge. The intellectual inquiry and creative expression of the University of Lynchburg's students faculty, and staff often result in work that has the potential to benefit people outside of the University.
  • Promoting discovery, innovation, and interdisciplinary work. Digital Showcase provides a way for members of the University of Lynchburg community to not only share with those within their disciplines but to also allow their work to be discovered and used in new and unanticipated ways.
  • Preserving the availability of local knowledge. Digital Showcase provides a persistent, long-term home for work created at the University of Lynchburg. By contributing their work to the Digital Showcase, students, faculty, and staff can be assured that their documents and files will be preserved and discoverable to the outside world.