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Digital Showcase Policy


The Knight-Capron Library is committed to making the content in Digital Showcase accessible to all.  Individuals contributing content to Digital Showcase should ensure that their files are accessible. 

Some of the hallmarks of accessible content include: 

  • Images formatted with Alt Text or Alt Tags
  • Utilize appropriate headings styles (title, heading 1, heading 2, normal text, etc.)
  • Utilize high contrast colors to ensure visibility
  • Avoid combinations of red and green which may be difficult for some to differentiate
  • Utilize sans-serif fonts for maximum readability 

*Additional guidelines are available at the US Department of Health & Human Services.

In order to convert a .doc file to an accessible PDF, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Utilize the hallmark elements of accessible content listed above in your document
    • If you're using Google Docs, download as MS Word for the next step
  2. Save As Type: PDF
    • Click Options
    • Check Box: Document structure tags for accessibility 
    • Click Okay
  3. Click Save