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Knight-Capron Library: Reserve a Study Carrel

Study Carrels

To reserve a carrel, please visit the circulation desk located on the first floor of the Knight-Capron Library.

Carrels in the Knight-Capron Library are available for use by Lynchburg College students. All assignments are made on a first-requested, first-accommodated basis. Carrels are locking and may be accessed during all hours that the Knight-Capron Library is open.

There are 10 study carrels available on the first floor of the library and 6 carrels available on the second floor. 

Term Limits for Carrels

Carrel agreements must be renewed per new academic term. Carrel holders who underutilize their carrels or fail to comply with carrel guidelines and policies may not be eligible to renew their carrels.

Carrel Policies

  • The Knight-Capron Library does not assume responsibility for any items kept in carrel and will not be liable for lost or damaged belongings.
  • All library materials kept in study carrels must be properly checked out to carrel holders.
  • No substances and/or weapons are to be kept in carrels.
  • Carrels are to be kept clean and orderly.
  • Noise in carrels, including phone conversations and video or audio conferencing should be kept to a minimum. Earphones should be used when listening to audio in carrels.

Library staff reserve the right to inspect carrels at any time to ensure compliance with this agreement. Violation of any of these rules may result in termination of carrel privileges.

Carrel holders are responsible for keys to their carrel lockers. Carrel holders who lose keys will be charged $50 for replacement keys.

The Knight-Capron Library reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any point during a carrel holder’s term. Library staff will inform carrel holders of policy changes before changes take effect.