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Recent Additions

Maverick Teachers

Despite dwindling resources and high-stakes testing, public school teachers all over the country are managing to breathe life, passion, and excitement into their classrooms. In this new book by bestselling author A.J. Juliani and lifelong educator David E. Baugh, you'll meet a diverse group of teachers--Mavericks--who are doing exactly that

Hinduism and Hindu Nationalism Online

Studies how Hinduism is being defined online, from dynamic discourses unfolding in the public sphere to how global definitions are being popularly engaged. The author has monitored two Hindu nationalist websites, BJP and VHP, from 2004-2017, and concludes that BJP have effectively co-opted discursive spaces in an attempt to control and manage how Hinduism is defined in the global arena.

Conversations about Sculpture

Conversations about Sculpture is both an intimate look at Serra's life and work, with candid reflections on personal moments of discovery, and a provocative examination of sculptural form from antiquity to today.

Gender: Your Guide

The days of two genders--male, female; boy, girl; blue, pink--are over, if they ever existed at all. Gender is now a global conversation, and one that is constantly evolving.

Grand Improvisation

An enduring myth of the twentieth century is that the United States rapidly became a superpower in the years after World War II, when the British Empire--the greatest in history--was too wounded to maintain a global presence. In fact, Derek Leebaert argues in Grand Improvisation, the idea that a traditionally insular United States suddenly transformed itself into the leader of the free world is illusory, as is the notion that the British colossus was compelled to retreat.

We Can't Breathe

Jabari Asim disrupts what Toni Morrison has exposed as the "Master Narrative" and replaces it with a story of black survival and persistence through art and community in the face of centuries of racism.