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Advanced Research & Doctoral Dissertation

Publishing Your Dissertation in Digital Showcase

Once you have completed your own research journey, I hope that you will publish your research in the University of Lynchburg's Digital Showcase! 

Digital Showcase is an institutional repository highlighting the scholarship of the University of Lynchburg's students and employees. The goal of the repository is to collect the scholarship of the university and allow the world to see what we have accomplished together, as the Digital Showcase is accessible via the internet, and searchable through Google, Google Scholar, and the Digital Commons Network.

Publishing your dissertation in Digital Scholarship is now easier than ever:

Benefits of participation include: 

  • Increased visibility | Digital Showcase is indexed by Google Scholar where your dissertation can show up in search results!
  • Permalink | You will receive a stable permalink to your page which can be used for portfolios, CV's, etc.
  • Readership Reports | Digital Showcase will email you regular reports with your download stats, and a link to your own personalized and shareable dashboard where you can see where your research has been viewed!
  • Opt Out Anytime | If you ever wish to have your paper removed from Digital Showcase for whatever reason, just email me and I will take it down for you.