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Nursing: NURS 412 Nursing Research & Evidenced-Based Practice: NURS 412

Research guide for the class NURS 412: Nursing Research and Evidenced-Based Practice


Welcome! This guide was created to assist you in your coursework for NURS 412. The Quick Start box below is a good option if you already know where you're headed. You may want to check out one of the other tabs above if you need more help. 

Quick Start

The section of the Library Collection dealing with Nursing topics are usually found throughout call number R.  A simple outline of the topics in this section:

  • RB1-214 -- Pathology
  • RC31-1245 -- Internal medicine
  • RC952-954.6 -- Geriatrics
  • RD1-811 -- Surgery
  • RG1-991 -- Gynecology and obstetrics
  • RJ1-570 -- Pediatrics
  • RM1-950 -- Therapeutics. Pharmacology
  • RT1-120 -- Nursing. History, leadership and education, special topics

Browse this section of our building.  

Subject Guide

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Guide last updated for Fall 2017, with assignments from instructor Joanne Newton.