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Historic Sandusky: Collections

Use OneSearch to find Historic Sandusky, Fielding Collection, and Langhorne Research Room works.



How do I use this tool?

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Can I check these books out? 

The library catalog lists some Historic Sandusky books as Library Use Only, but many books are available for 28-day loans to Lynchburg faculty and students.  Ask a Historic Sandusky staff member if you have questions about our loan policies.

Do I have to wear white gloves to handle the books?

For Fielding collection and Historic Sandusky items, users are not required to wear gloves. For some Langhorne Research room books, users may be required to wear gloves and handle the object away from any source of moisture. 

Can I photograph or copy pages of books?

For the majority of materials, non-flash photography from cell phones or cameras is permitted.   You may make photocopies of various pages, but not the entire work, if the book is in good condition.  For books in poor condition or any research materials from the Langhorne Research room, Historic Sandusky reserves the right to restrict photography or copying.  

What are the restrictions for the Langhorne Research room?

  • No bags or purses, bulky coats or jackets
  • No food or drinks, not even in closed containers
  • Historic Sandusky will provide one pencil for note taking (no other writing instruments are allowed)
  • Materials must remain on the tabletop surface at all times

Three Collections

Historic Sandusky

This general collection focuses on the Civil War and local Lynchburg History. The collection includes, biographies, secondary sources, photographic works, guide books and some primary sources such as autobiographies, diaries, memoirs, and personal narratives.  These books can be used to write senior thesis and research papers. These books cover the most general topics and are representative of a traditional library.  

Fielding Collection

This collection of Virginia regimental histories can be used for primary source documentation. Volumes include registers, maps and photographs. Each volume covers one Virginia regiment. 

 Langhorne Research Room

The most rare books are held in the Langhorne Research Room. These books have restricted access  and access must be requested. These rare works comprise books published at the time the Hutter family owned the Sandusky house, as well as rare books published about Jubal Anderson Early, and General David Hunter.