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Physician Assistant DMSc: Updates

Online course that specifically provides research assistance to distance education students in DMSc, along with several DPAM residential students.

RefWorks and Google Docs

Are you seeing an error message when using the RefWorks add-on in Google docs? You may have missed an update. Try un-installing the add-on and then re-installing it.

Trouble with RefWorks?


We now know that PubMed does not get along well with the RefWorks Browser Extension.  Using the browser extension in PubMed results in sluggish response, error messages, and failure to import resources. ProQuest is aware of the problem, and attempting to resolve it. There is a way to bypass the browser extension and export citations directly from PubMed to Refworks.  Use the links below for instructions that walk you through the steps. 

Still having problems? Let us know by contacting Katie Glaeser!

413 Errors

Getting a 413 Error Code when trying to open RefWorks? Clearing your cache should take care of the error.