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Public Health : MPH 615 Environmental Health: Searching Tips

How Do I Use My Thesis in a Database?


In China, how does healthcare policy impact suicide prevention among women?

Eliminate the way it is written as a question:


In China, how does healthcare policy impact suicide prevention among women?


Identify synonyms

  • China, Chinese, China's
  • Suicide
  • Women, females, female

Identify phrases, keywords, and asterisk truncation: 

  • The asterisk * (above the number 8 on your keyboard) creates a wildcard.   Searching for Chin* ill find China, Chinese, China's
  • Putting a phrase in quotes will create a linked word pair, a phrase search, for the two words right next to each other.   "suicide prevention"

Final search would probably resemble

CHIN* "suicide prevention" "health* polic*"


Use your limiters (usually from the Advanced search page): 

English language as original language of publication, gender, age of population, research articles, etc.

Helpful Library Resources for Research


  • when searching for information, make sure that the ARTICLE is written in ENGLISH; sometimes the abstracts are in English, but the original article is written in a foreign language, often shown by brackets and the originating language [Mandarin]  [Portuguese] [Spanish]
  • use your limiters: English language, research articles
  • add keywords to searches; start with a condition (premature birth) or behavior (smoking), and add additional ideas