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Evaluating Online Sources

Evaluating sources means recognizing whether the information you read and include in your research is credible. This module will share some tips and tricks to help you carefully evaluate online sources.

Reverse Image Searching

A lot of the information we encounter on a daily basis is visual. Often, images on the web get reused and it's hard to know where they originated and if they have been manipulated or used to mislead. If you want to find the origin of an image, or other instances where it has been posted and shared online, run a reverse image search. This may be a technique you'll need to use when you're employing Step 4: Tracing Claims

In the Chrome browser, right-click on the image and select "Search Google for image." The results page will show you "Visually similar images" and potentially "Pages that include matching images." If there are other pages with matching images, look for the oldest page, which is more likely to be closest to the source from which the image originates.