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Google Scholar: Google Tips

Google / Google Scholar Search Tips

Command / Operator


Domain Limiter crime statistics | glacier melt | etc...

Site Limiter college lake

Google Advanced Search

Combine "site:" operators with OR to search multiple domains:

nikola tesla (site:gov OR site:edu)

Wildcard: OR (expands search results)

tesla OR edison

Wildcard: - (eliminates a term from results)

pandemics -influenza

Eliminate multiple terms

tesla -motors -car -battery

Group terms with parentheses

(tesla OR edison) alternating current

Force exact match with quotes

tesla "ac/dc"

Match broadly with wildcards

"rock * roll" = rock and roll; rock & roll; rock n’ roll, etc...

Limit results by date range

Search > Tools > Any time > Custom Range

Use quotation marks for exact-match

"thomas alva edison"

Keywords appear within (X) words

tesla AROUND(3) edison

Plagiarism check

Intext: "deliberate and widespread extermination of an ethnic group" 

Target a specific author on a site

Rwandan genocide "Douglas Jehl"

Target just one type of file

Rwandan genocide filetype:pdf

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Advanced Search

Google Scholar > Menu > Advanced Search

Set up Google Scholar Library Links

Google Scholar > Menu > Settings > Library Links > Search for University of Lynchburg

Follow an author (including yourself!)

Google Scholar Profile > Follow