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The purpose of this page is to gather information pertaining to the archives of the University of Lynchburg in order to aid the transition process. 

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The Knight-Capron Library has archive storage in several locations throughout the building.  

The Basement

The Basement Overview


The basement is the largest of the archive's storage spaces and contains a majority of the holdings.  It is below grade and has no natural light.  Though this space is climate controlled, it is known to have leaked in the past.  Security on this unlocked space is minimal, though it is in a staff-only area except in times of a shelter in place alarm. 

Basement Diagram


*Main archives room - doesn't include other basement areas. 

Linear Inches 254 x 227
Linear Feet 21.2 x 19.9

Current Capacity

Currently housing around 34 columns of standard 12 x 35 cantilevered shelves.  Could be configured to add additional shelving along the front wall. 

Current Box Count

Approximately 1,094 boxes of assorted dimensions.  The majority of these are 5" wide letter size clamshell document boxes. There are some 2.5" wide document boxes, roll boxes, and banker-size Hollinger boxes; as well as unboxed volumes of newspaper clippings and bound newspapers. 



Each column and respective shelf is labeled with a numerical designation which corresponds to some documentation of holdings.  However, the front wall is cluttered with random boxes and a smattering of various items which don't seem to have been processed or cataloged in a meaningful way.  This space seems to be fairly at capacity unless additional shelving is added.   


The Connector Closet

The Connector Closet Overview


The connector closet is a modest-sized storage closet adjacent to the library's service desk and main entryways.  It is climate controlled, has no natural light, and secured by a locked door.

*Note: This is a space the library would like to reclaim for other purposes if possible. 

The Connector Closet


Linear Inches 263 x 81
Linear Feet 21.9 x 6.75

Current Capacity

Contains 5 columns of standard cantilevered shelves.  Room could be configured to add additional columns of shelving if needed. 


Current Box Count

37 Document boxes - clamshell 5"

3 Document boxes - clamshell 2"

36" linear storage of VHS tapes

Several small banker style/moving boxes


The cluttered chaos seen in the front wall of the basement continues to the connector closet.  It is unclear what organizational scheme was intended here (if any).  Shelves are unlabeled, and random piles dominate the space. 



The Office

The Office Overview


The office is a large and flexible space that could be used as an office, workroom, and storage as well. This room has a basic L-shape, is climate controlled, and secured by a locked door. There is one window allowing some natural light into the space. 

The Archives Office


Linear Inches 144 x 225 + 100 x 147.5
Linear Feet 12 x 18.75 + 8.33 x 12.29

Current Capacity

The office is very full, but it is also disorganized. Boxes are stacked haphazardly and not all of the shelving is being used. 

Current Box Count

145 boxes of varying shapes and sizes. The majority are 5" wide letter size clamshell boxes, but there are also some smaller shoebox sized boxes filled with slides and 25 of the boxes are banker style boxes. 


Once again, this space is overwhelmed by disorganized clutter.  The columns on the rear wall seem to have some intentionality in the shelving.  However, the remainder of the space is dominated by random piles of unknown origin. 


The Saxton Room

The Saxton Room Overview


The Saxton Room houses the library's rare book collection, and is the main reading room where archive-related research consultations would occur.  Archives storage in this space consists of lower cabinets and two generous walk-in closets. The Saxton Room is heavily secured by a two layers of locked double doors.  This room is climate controlled and contains several well shaded windows that allow in a small amount of natural light. 

The Saxton Room

Closet (right) Dimensions 

Linear Inches 115 x 119
Linear Feet 57.5 x 59.5


Closet (left) Dimensions 

Linear Inches 11p x 119
Linear Feet 59.5 x 59.5

Current Capacity

The closets are disorganized and cluttered with extra furniture. Could be reorganized to maximize the space. Shelves and lower cabinets are very full of books.

The right closet features built in cabinets which were not measured due to path obstructions.  The left closet contains an additional small closet (broom closet size) which was not measured due to the difficulty of accessing the space. 

Current Box Count

There are 56 boxes between the two closets and 10 boxes in one of the lower cabinets. The majority of boxes are 5" wide letter size clamshell. There are also a few large boxes and 8 card catalog size boxes. 

Saxton Room | Main Reading Room

Saxton Room | Right Closet

Saxton Room | Left Closet



The tidy order of the main reading room belies the clutter and disorganization of the storage closets. It is difficult to even walk into the rather sizable closets. 


The Microfilm Room

The Microfilm Room Overview


In addition to microfilm (mostly newspapers), the microfilm room also houses two modest archive storage closets.  One houses a small collection of physical theses produced by University of Lynchburg alums.  The second houses an assortment of archival boxes which may relate to a specific collection of papers. The storage closets are locked, cool, and dark. 

Microfilm Room


Linear Inches 47 x 104
Linear Feet 3.91 x 8.67

*Note: both left and right closet are identical in dimension. 

Current Capacity


Current Box Count

Closet #1 (left when facing)

35 Document Boxes - Clamshell 5"

Open shelving of older theses

Closet #2 (right when facing)

17 Hollinger Boxes

8 Document Boxes - Clamshell 5"

18 Flat boxes - roughly 23"X16"X5"

Microfilm Room | Left Closet

Microfilm Room | Right Closet



The closets are rather tidy and orderly.  There does seem to be some intentionality with regard to what is stored in these rooms.  However, the shelves are not labeled and I cannot identify any documentation regarding the collections stored in these rooms. 




Flatbed Scanners

Unit Location Max Size
Epson Perfection V800 Photo Tech Services 9.5 x 12 (roughly A4)
Epson Expression 10000 XL Archive Office 12 x 17 (roughly A3)


*NOTE: we do have an older model digital camera, but I'm trying to track it down now to determine the model. 

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Hygrometer (analogue)