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Library Accessibility Policy

Policy Statement

Library Accessibility Policy

Policy Statement: 

The Knight-Capron Library is committed to providing all people access to our spaces, materials, services, and programs, as resources permit.  We affirm the university’s commitment to access for people with disabilities.  

Commitment to Improvement

Although we strive to ensure that all individuals have access to the library’s information resources and services, we recognize that our systems are not perfect.  We encourage library patrons to let us know how we can improve their experience.  Users can get in contact with us via email or the library chat. 

Available Services

Available Services


For those with a handicapped parking permit or license plate, handicapped-designated parking spaces are available in the Snidow Chapel parking lot adjacent to Schewel Hall. 

Building Access

Ramp access is available for all main entry points of the library, including the Dell entrance, Schewel entrances, and the after-hours computer lab entrance. 


Elevator access to all floors of the library is available via the Schewel elevator, which is located across from the Schewel library entrance and the coffee shop.  The Schewel elevator is wheelchair accessible and marked with Braille. 


Each floor of the library has wheelchair-accessible restrooms and water fountains.  The restroom located in the computer lab is additionally equipped with a motion-activated door. 

Front Porch Pickup

The library will retrieve, checkout, and place desired items (including interlibrary loans) for users to pick up at the ramp-accessible front porch pickup shelf adjacent to the Dell entry of the library.  More information is available on the Front Porch Pickup page of the library website. 


Carrels, study tables, and public service desks meet ADA guidelines. 

Collection Access

Aisles between the stacks are generally at least 36 inches wide. Two aisles contain a structural column which obstructs one end of the aisle.  Staff members are available to assist patrons with the retrieval of items, either by request at the front desk, or via the Front Porch Pickup program described above. 

Online Resources

The library strives to provide an accessible online experience for all users.  Features include: 

  • Read Aloud Databases Many EBSCOhost and Gale databases provide a read aloud option and download to mp3 feature for full text articles available in HTML format.
  • Video Captions Many Alexander Street Press and Infobase streaming databases contain captions and sometimes transcripts.  The library’s YouTube channel contains captions. 
  • Keyboard Navigation is available on the library homepage.
  • Alt Tags and Headings are utilized on the library website wherever possible to ensure that features function properly for assistive devices. 
  • Design and Colors are carefully selected to ensure high contrast and to avoid red-green color combinations.

Additional Resources