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Student Scholar Showcase

Student Scholar Showcase

Student Scholar Showcase

The annual Student Scholar Showcase provides students with an opportunity to present their research, analytical, creative, and/or experiential learning projects to the campus community.  The purpose of this site is to provide guidelines, tips, and tricks to help you create a successful showcase proposal submission and presentation. 

Important Dates


1 March 2024


8 March 2024


22 March 2024

Check Mark


5 April 2024


10 April 2024


17 April 2024

Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Format

  • Title: titles should be no more than 16 words in length and utilize title case capitalization rules
  • Abstract: abstracts should be no more than 300 words maximum
  • Faculty mentor(s): names of faculty mentors should be formatted formally as shown below.  A good rule of thumb is to check the signature block on official emails, the name listed on published journal articles, or simply to ask how they would like their name to be displayed. 
    • Dr. John Doe
    • Prof. Jane Smith

Access Types

There are two available access types for you to select from:

  • Campus Access Only: 
    • Presenters will have a persistent link which they can include in resume, portfolios, etc.
    • Anyone can view bibliographic information such as author name, abstract, etc.
    • Only current students and employees of the University of Lynchburg will be able to see and download any attached full text files
  • Open Access:
    • Presenters will have a persistent link which they can include in resume, portfolios, etc.
    • Anyone can view bibliographic information such as author name, abstract, etc.
    • Anyone can view and download any attached full text files

How to Submit

Proposals can be submitted via the Student Scholar Showcase page in the Digital Showcase platform.  

  • Follow this link to the submission page
  • Log in or create a new account using your University of Lynchburg email address
  • Fill in the form fields using the guidelines above
  • Click submit!


Abstract Revisions: You may make revisions to the abstract up until the deadline listed above. You can make revisions utilizing the instructions below - jump to instructions. 


Uploading Your Files

  • PRESENTATION DAY: You may use the slide deck or presentation software of your choice on presentation day!  Additional instructions will be sent in the coming days. 


  • SHOWCASE COPY: For the archival copy kept in the Showcase, please save and upload your presentation.  If you are still working on your materials, you may provide a share link in the Full Text area of your entry page:

screen shot of full text location

Please provide a share link or upload a file of your poster (JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.). 

While we aren't expecting to receive slide decks or other files from Creative Presentations, if you have files to share, please do upload them! 

What we do really need from creative presenters is information about your space needs.  After submitting your proposal, please contact to let us know: 

  • What do you plan to do for your presentation? (i.e. music performance, poetry reading, art showing, etc.) 
  • What type of space would be appropriate for this type of presentation? (i.e. gallery, performance hall, etc.)
  • What other equipment or facilities needs are there? (i.e. computer, projector, table, etc.) 

Once we have had a conversation about your needs, we will schedule accordingly. 

Virtual presenters can upload the file of their recording in the Full Text of Presentation field of the submission form. This will embed a video player directly into your Digital Showcase page!  Note: it can take a few minutes for the upload to complete - just be patient!  If your software only provides a share link and not a download, then click the "Link out" option instead and paste in your share link! 

Upload Video


Creating Your Video: 
Don't know where to start? Here are some options: 
  • Record audio directly onto powerpoint slides and then download the powerpoint as an MP4 video
  • Present your screen and capture a recording.  There are several platforms that do this - CloudApp is one that we enjoy. Anyone with a .edu email address can get a free upgrade to the pro version. This platform allows you to present your screen and record your voiceover - you can even add a video camera bubble of your face to the corner if you like!  It's super easy to use, which is why we like it!  
  1. First, create a free CloudApp account with your .edu email address.
  2. Next, fill out the Edu form and receive a free upgrade
Once signed in, click on the New Recording Button, and the platform will walk you through the rest - much like presenting your screen in a Zoom meeting. 

If your presentation has multiple files, or supplemental files, those can be added by selecting the additional files box on the submission page.  After submission of the primary file, you will be redirected to a page in which additional files may be uploaded. 

In order to update your abstract and upload presentation files, you must revise your initial submission.  Start at the Digital Showcase homepage, and click on the My Account link.  Your submitted items will appear along with the status of your proposal.  


author article status


Click the title of the desired submission to see its details page.


Author article details view


Authors may also revise, withdraw, or manage additional files for their work on this page, plus view the revision history. If authors wish to email the administrators, they may do so using the “Email Administrator” link.


Once an item is published, the submission link on the author’s My Account page goes to the public page on the Showcase instead of the details page. Any further changes to a published work require an administrator.

Presentation Day Information


All presenters will receive one Student Scholar Showcase cup and sticker during the poster session.  Please stop by the Mocktail table to receive your cup & sticker for presenting!

Poster Session: 

    SETUP: Poster presenters may set up beginning at 7:30 AM, Wednesday April 3, 2024
  • TABLE LOCATION: Each poster station is numbered.  Your table number = your entry number. 
    • To find your entry number, check your Showcase submission page, or the program book
  • CALL TIME: Displays and presenters must be in place by 11:55 AM 
  • TEAR DOWN: Posters must be removed from the gym by 2:00 PM


Oral Presentations: 

After the presentation schedule is released, room moderators will also be assigned.  Moderators will reach out to all of the students assigned to them to request a copy or share of your presentation materials.  This will enable them to cue up all of the slides on the room computer and to keep things moving efficiently on presentation day.  When you hear from your moderator, please answer their requests quickly! 

Creative Presentations: 

We don't really have specific guidance for the creative presenters, as the presentations and formats are so varied!  In general, please arrive at your presentation site with plenty of time to spare in order to set up. Please contact with any questions about your specific presentation setup and space needs. 

Virtual Presentations: 

Virtual presentations are online and asynchronous.  Presenters can upload a video file just as you would a Powerpoint or PDF file.  This will embed a video player directly into your page in Digital Showcase.  If you run into any issues uploading your video, please contact, for assistance. 

upload file

2024 Program Book