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MLA: In-Text Citations

In-Text Citations

  • One Author: (Brown 25).
  • Two Authors: (Brown and Jones 35).
  • Three or More Authors: (Brown et al. 45).
  • Corporate Author: (American Red Cross 75).
  • Indirect Source: (qtd. In Brown 26).
  • Repeated Use of Source: (Campbell 101,107).
    • Repeated use of source means you have used (mostly summary or paraphrase) more than one page of an authors work in your paragraph.
  • ​Multiple Texts by the Same Author: (Brown, Policy 25).
    • Add the title of the work between the author's name and the page number.
  • No Author Listed: ("Dangerous Tobacco" 21).
    • Use the title of the work and the page number(s).
    • NOTE: Using a source with no listed author should raise a credibility issue.
  • No Page Numbers: (Brown).
    • If a source has no marked numbers (as in page numbers or paragraph numbers), do not count paragraph numbers yourself. No number can be provided as a marker if the document contains no printed numbers of any kind.