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Formatting a List of Works Cited can take a lot of time.

Would you like to speed that up? How about completing it in seconds?

RefWorks can do that for you.

You put in a little more work up front to enter your citations into RefWorks,

and it will save you a lot of time when you begin writing and citing.

You may just find yourself getting a bit more organized as well.

Try it:

Research tips

Just Getting Started?

  • Write down what you already know about the topic
  • Find several articles on your topic in Credo Reference
  • Read the articles
    • Make notes about:
      • people
      • places
      • things
      • events that seem important
  • Now write down a question about some aspect of the topic that interests you.


Quick Citation Style Guides (for bibliographies, list of works cited)

For personal help with your writing, contact the Wilmer Writing Center

For more complete writing and citation guidance try the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Center)


Plagiarism & Paraphrasing

Check with the Wilmer Writing Center for help in avoiding plagiarism in your class writing assignments.  Additional sources of information can be found via the writing centers links listed below.