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Knight-Capron Library Orientation

Use this guide to learn about the library and its many research tools.

Library Competencies

Welcome to Knight-Capron Library! We're so glad you're here. The librarians at the University of Lynchburg developed this guide to help you navigate the wonderful world of research. After working through the guide, we hope you've learned . . . 

1 | How to navigate the library website to access the resources and services you need

2 | How to develop a research topic or question

3 | How to use OneSearch to find a resource on your topic

4 | How to find and access journal articles in a database

5 | How to use advanced search techniques to get the most out of your searches

6 | How to critically evaluate websites

7 | How to use RefWorks to manage your citations

8 | How to get help

How to Use this Guide

The guide is divided into seven lessons. Your professor may have assigned you certain sections, or the entire guide. You can navigate between lessons using the tabs along the side. There is an activity or quiz at the end of each section. To receive credit for working through the guide, you will need to complete the activity/quiz for each section you've been assigned.