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Collection Management Policy

Internal access to Collection Management Resources


Renewal of Current Print and Electronic Subscriptions

Created: June 1, 2012

Updated: February 2, 2019

It is the policy of the Knight-Capron Library to initiate renewal of print and electronic subscriptions provided the following usage criteria exist:

  • Current print periodicals are considered for automatic renewal if: Accurate print in-house statistics have been gathered.
  • Usage statistics comprise  3% or more of total price (for example, a $300 print subscription should have at least 15 in-house use counts per  year)
  • Cost per use = $40.00 or less per use count

Current electronic periodicals are considered for automatic renewal if:

  • Accurate full-text retrieval statistics have been gathered
  • Usage statistics comprise  3% or more of total price (for example, a $300 full-text subscription should have at least 15 full-text retrievals per  year)
  • Cost per use = $40.00 or less per retrieval

Automatic renewal is questioned if

  • The accreditation lists for an accredited program do not contain the periodical title AND
  • Cost per use is above $40.00,   AND
  • Subjective criteria were reported, including but not limited to,Similar titles in the same topical coverage are available
  • The curriculum has changed since the initial acquisition of the title
  • Cycles of need (such as every other semester) are limited in scope


  1. The library jobber forwards the renewal list at the beginning of the fiscal year (July) and asks for renewal for upcoming year (January – December of following calendar year)
  2. The periodicals associate forwards the entire renewal list to the library director.
  3. The library director works with each liaison where automatic renewal is questioned.  Cancelling the renewal request for an individual title is dependent on liaison input.
  4. Identify titles where the cost per usage criteria are not met. Forward that list of titles to the liaison to evaluate needs in the following areas:
    • Identify other sources of same titles, either print or electronic access, and compare pricing/same issue coverage.
    • Evaluate nearby providers (with Virginia) of the same titles/issues.
    • Discuss the renewal of titles with faculty, where no or extremely limited need for renewal is expressed.
    • Compare renewals with new subscription requests, and consider program changes or teaching differences.