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Collection Management Policy

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Donation/Gift Procedures

Donation/Gift Procedure

From time to time a person will donate audio cassette tapes, books, CDs, DVDs, reference sources, or periodical literature to the library. When this occurs the donator is to complete the library donation/gift form. Please insure that the donor signs the donation/gift form before leaving. Copies of this form are kept at the circulation desk b in a folder labled "donation forms."

In general the donation/gift process works as follows. While completing the donation/gift form, the person will determine whether or not they wish to have returned any items the library does not keep. If the person doesn't want unwanted items returned, they need to indicate that request on the form. If the person does want unwanted items returned they should indicate that request on the form. Remember, it is important that the donor sign the donation/gift form before leaving.

At some point during or shortly after processing the donated items a thank you letter will be sent to the donor.

Gifts are accepted at the front desk. Determination of inclusion of any particular gift is determined by the General Collection Management Policy in the section titled Gifts.



  1. The donor gives the gift to the front desk
  2. The donor completes a gift form and indicates whether or not they would like to have discarded items returned to the donor.
  3. The library director and/or liaison will evaluate the gift for keeping or discarding in the collection. If the donor filled out the form indicating that the gifts should be sent back to donor if not kept in library collection, staff will route them back via campus mail or U.S. postal mail.
  4. Gifts to keep will be cataloged.
  5. A thank-you letter will be sent to the donor on behalf of the library. No monetary value is associated with the gift in this letter.
  6. Cataloging department supervises complete processing.If a gift item is produced by faculty, alumni, or some other special class of associated persons, the first copy is retained in the special collection for that association. If the donor asked for a gift plate to be inserted, students will insert gift plates into circulating copies only. Gifts are queued in processing behind purchased items, unless otherwise noted.
  7. At the close of the year, staff will compile annual gift statistics.
  8. Gifts will be actively replaced when lost or damaged if they are the product of faculty, alumni, or another class of associated persons.