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Collection Management Policy

Internal access to Collection Management Resources

Nature of the Collections

The Knight-Capron Library’s primary goal is to support the educational mission of the University


  • Print, digital, and online resources are acquired through purchase, or subscription, that support the curriculum of the University
  • User preferences, technological developments, and costs will guide the choice of formats and methods of access
  • Methods of access will change over time. The library will monitor developments in the publishing of scholarly and scientific literature to provide students and faculty with the most relevant resources in the most effective methods.

Secondary goals, such as providing films and music for both educational and entertainment purposes will follow the same policies as those for the primary goal.

Types and Formats of Information Resources

  • Items will be collected in a variety of formats suitable for the academic purposes and individual interests of students, faculty and staff
  • Provision of information sources will focus on quality, not quantity
  • Choice of format for individual resources will be based on cost effectiveness and/or class format


Due to the high cost of textbooks and their accelerated publishing schedule, purchasing traditional textbooks for the collection is unsustainable for the library in terms of funds and/or available space. Textbooks are generally a part of the collections only when course instructors place copies of assigned textbooks on reserve for the use of their students.  For the great majority of disciplines taught at the University, monographs or collections of essays on a topic represent the principal book format. However, there may be very few instances when monographs or collected volumes are not available; in those instances, Knight-Capron Library may purchase a standard textbook.

Reserve Materials

The Library maintains a print and digital set of reserve materials for use by the University community and may contain items from the library’s collection as well as personal copies.  The reserve collection is maintained in copyright compliance, including deletion of digital files after one semester and removal of print materials after one semester.


Works will include:

  • Works of Fiction, including literature and poetry
  • Works of nonfiction
  • Reference works
  • Musical performances
  • Films
  • Periodicals
  • Indices
  • Abstracts
  • Archival materials for Virginia Christian College, Lynchburg College, and University of Lynchburg
  • Student and faculty works in the institutional repository (Digital Showcase)