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Browsing Books @ the Library: Home

Popular bestsellers and emerging authors sorted into categories, including genres like romance and mystery, from authors like Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, and more.

Browsing Books

What are browsing books? Popular titles from authors like Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and James Patterson -- books you'd want to read for fun -- or popular nonfiction topics.  

Who can check them out?  Everybody with a valid Lynchburg ID or a current outside borrower account; no interlibrary loans 

Where are they located? Near the library's circulation desk

Will they always be available?  No. The library rotates through the bestseller lists, always adding and returning titles.  Most titles stay 9-12 months.   Only select titles are kept "forever" in the library's permanent collection based on long-term value.

New Titles