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Knight-Capron Library

Off-Campus Access: Home

Connecting to the library databases, ebooks, and other online resources from off-campus.

Start at the library's homepage

  • Select a database to use
  • You will then be directed to the log-in page
  • Enter your campus network username and password, just as you would to log-in to a computer on campus.
  • You will be returned to the database you selected.

As long as you keep your web browser open, you should be able to use any of the library's online resources. If you close the browser, you will need to log-in again.


  • Unable to acess articles or books available online from Lynchburg College at your place of work.
    • Very often your employer's network has a firewall that will block communication from a proxy server. When you log-in to the off-campus access page, you are being connected through a proxy server. So, you would not be able to connect from work. It should still work from home.
  • Going directly to the website for a journal from a Google or Google Scholar search, but unable to get articles.
    • If you try to connect to a journal directly, without starting from the Library webpage and going through the off-campus network log-in, the journal's website will not recognize your computer as one that has access to the site.
    • We are looking into methods that would allow you to log-in from a journal's website. If you think this woudl be useful to you, please contact us.

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