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ENVS 321: Getting Started

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Library Resources for ENVS 321

  • Start at Dr. Perault's page for this class:
  • Review the information from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on candidates:
  • To find articles, your first choice for a search term is the scientific name of the candidate species you chose to use for your Endangered Species Recovery Plan.
    • You might also want to use the common name in conjunction with the scientific name
    •  It is possible that very little has been published about the species, except in government reports

  •  I recommend that you start your search in LC OneSearch
    • It provides links to almost all the books and journals available from the LC Library
    • It also provides citations to many others that can be obtained through ILLiad
    • Don’t neglect books! If you need background information, such as breeding and feeding habits, that information is usually easier to find in a book

  • You should also try Dissertaions & Theses Full Text if you do not find enough information using LC OneSearch.
    • Both the text and the References may be useful to you.

U.s Government Sources

Subject Guide

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