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Knight-Capron Library

Graduate Students: Home

Graduate Students

Graduate Students: We hope you find this page useful. Any suggestions for making it better - email the library website admin

Spaces & Places

  • 24/7
    • Library Computer Lab (the EIRC) is open 24/7 with ID card
    • Scanner in the Library Computer Lab
    • Ask Us ( not staffed 24/7, but the growing list of answers is available)
  • During regular library hours
    • Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Copier on the first floor, to the right of the main desk
      • $0.10 per side for 8x11 paper
      • $0.20 per side for 11x17 paper
    • Laptops can be checked out for use in the library
    • The library provides fax service between 10 and 4, Monday - Friday

Research help from a librarian

Student ambassador on a tour:
" They (the librarians) are awesome!"

Or use our Chat service:


Grad Students: This is YOUR page

We have included information here based on discussions with Graduate Students in the past.

Would you like to be able to create your own customized library web page? We will be looking for several volunteers to test out a way to do this. Please contact Mike Ours, Electronic Resources Librarian to express your interest.

Let us know!

Interlibrary Loan

Old Style: Connecting to online resources from off-campus.

Start at the library's website:

  • Select a database to use
  • When prompted enter your campus network username and password, just as you would to log-in to a computer on campus.

As long as you keep your web browser open, you should be able to use any of the library's online resources. If you close the browser, you will need to log-in again.


  • Unable to access articles or books available online from University of Lynchburg at your place of work.
    • Very often your employer's network has a firewall that will block communication from a proxy server. When you log-in to the off-campus access page, you are being connected through a proxy server. So, you would not be able to connect from work. It should still work from home.
  • Going directly to the website for a journal from a Google or Google Scholar search, but unable to get articles.
    • If you try to connect to a journal directly, without starting from the Library website and going through the off-campus network log-in, the journal's website will not recognize your computer as one that has access to the site.
    • Library Access should solve this problem. Email us, including the name, issue and volume of the journal, if it does not work.

Book Borrowing at Other Colleges & Universities

The library is pleased to announce its participation in the VIVA (Virtual Library of Virginia) Cooperative Borrowing Program.

When visiting at one of the participating libraries at private and public colleges and universities in Virginia, you may check out books from that library by presenting your current LC ID card, and agreeing to follow the borrowing policies of that library.

After reading the book, you may drop it off at the Knight-Capron Library and we will return it for you. Complete information is available at

If you have any questions, contact Belinda Carroll:
phone: 434.544.8205



Copier / Scanner / Fax


There is a coin-operated copier on the first floor of the library.
If you are facing the main desk, the copier is to the right.


8X11: 1 side $0.10
8X11: 2 sided $0.20
11X17 $0.20



There is a scanner in the Library Computer Lab (EIRC) on the first floor.
It is connected to the computer nearest the exterior door in the EIRC.
Scanning is free of charge.
Instructions are posted next to the scanner.



Knight-Capron Library allows students, faculty and staff to send faxes.
The fax machine is located in the office of Carolyn Austin, the library Administrative Associate.
Her office is to the left of the main desk.
The hours of availability are 9:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. 

At other times, to send and receive faxes, currently-enrolled students may contact the Campus Information Desk in Hall Campus Center.  The student will be asked to fill out a form and pay per page.  The Business Office receives faxes for students at the cost of $1 per page; contact them at 434.544.8658.