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Knight-Capron Library

Class Instruction: Home

Request an instruction session for a class

Contact the library liaison to your school to schedule an instruction session.

Overview of Instructional services

The Library provides class instruction to enable students to develop information literacy competencies for their academic needs as well as lifelong learning.

Instruction is offered in: 

  • Developing search strategies
  • The evaluation of sources
  • The use of specific electronic resources(databases)
  • The use of the Internet for academic purposes

Faculty members are encouraged to request course-specific instructional sessions on the use of information resources.
Contact your school's library liaison to set up a session. To avoid scheduling conflicts, please try to provide at least a week's notice.

In addition to class-specific instruction, the library offers three for credit courses (1 credit hour each)
Three one-credit courses are offered to acquaint students with all types of resources: 

  • GS 111 ( first half semester)
  • GS 112 ( second half semester)
  • GS 113 (full semester)

Please encourage advisees to enroll as early as possible in their college careers.
For more information on the courses offered, or other instructional services, please contact Jenny Horton, Library Director.