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BIOL 220: BIOL 220

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Your best starting place for articles and books

For the best search results use LC OneSearch:


What to do when you get sent to a “pay for this article” page?

  1. Don’t pay!
  2. Copy the article title
  3. Open LC OneSearch and paste in the title
  4. Search
    1. If that does not work pick a keyword or two from the title and enter that in one search box and one of the author’s names in the another search box

i.If the article is available, open it

ii.If you get the “search for full text” icon, use that link

  1. If a link to the article is available, open it
  2. If there is a link to the journal, use that and then find the year, volume and issue for the journal, link to that and then find your article
  3. If it says “request this item through interlibrary loan” , use that link
    1. You will need an interlibrary loan account
    2. If you have one, log-in and it should fill out the form and click submit.

LC OneSearch allows you to search several magazine & journal indexes at one time.


For BIOL 220, LC OneSearch is an excellent starting place for finding peer reviewed articles.

  • It searches our best biomedical databases,along with other databases at the same time.
  • Enter your search terms in the text boxes.
  • Then select the appropriate disciplines for your topic.
    • For this class you should use:
      • Biology
      • Biotechnology
      • Chemistry
      • Life Sciences
      • Zoology
  • When you get to the results page:
    • Remember to set the selection in the left column to Peer Reviewed articles
  • The more precise your search terms, the better your results
    • For example, instead of searching for cells and evolution, search for eukaryotic cells and evolution.
    • You should also use the subject facet in the left column to narrow your search even more effectively.


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